The Government of Canada recently announced ambitious plans to welcome roughly 1.3 million
people over the next 3 years in an effort to boost our economy. The push for this increase in
immigration derives largely from the significant population of people reaching retirement age.
There will be a swathe of space in the labour force needing to be filled and the Department of
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is eager to meet demand. 

To accomplish this, the Government of Canada is committing to a massive modernization of the
online immigration process. The need for this technical improvement predates the Pandemic,
but was certainly brought into sharp focus during. During the last two years many have suffered
unprecedented delays due to the Pandemic. The hope is that a revitalized online system will
reduce the current backlog of applications and minimize processing times.  This is a fantastic
and necessary commitment, but there are some realities worth mentioning. 

To start with, for a large bureaucracy such as the Government of Canada, technical overhauls
take time and coordination. To implement a new system that addresses the current technical
issues will no doubt require a hot iron to smooth out the kinks that are bound to pop up. The
benefit of having a champion who can anticipate these technical setbacks and understand
complicated applications could be the difference between an accepted or rejected submission. 
Additionally, as the demand on the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Canada increases, seeking information regarding your application may become difficult or
delayed. Consider the many people will have experience a potential technical flaw and require
information from the department. Working with a team who can answer your questions more
readily becomes even more important as these changes are implemented. 

Ultimately, the changes announced in preparation for welcoming more people into Canada are
positive and necessary. Being mindful of how the changes will affect applicants who are utilizing
the new features is worth some consideration. Choosing to work with Slipacoff Immigration Law
in order to receive the best support and guidance may be most advantageous depending on the
complexity of your application. We proudly provide ongoing support throughout the immigrations
process and offer a personalized approach specific to your circumstances. We look forward to
connecting with you.

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