Canadian Immigration

Appeals to the Federal Court of Canada (Judicial Review)

You may apply to the Federal Court of Canada for leave to commence a judicial review for any decision rendered by the Canadian immigration authorities that are not subject to a right of appeal to an immigration tribunal. Although you may represent yourself at the Federal Court, it is a complex and esoteric process. Furthermore, it involves a significant amount of paperwork that is highly technical as well as litigation before a Federal Court judge. Indeed, the administration of the Federal Court recommends that you retain a lawyer.

Circumstances include:

Appealing negative decisions made by the Immigration Appeal Division or the Refugee Appeal Division
Visa application rejections including work, study, visit, temporary residence, entry (regardless of whether the application was submitted in Canada or abroad)
Refusal of humanitarian and compassionate grounds application or a pre-
removal risk assessment (PRRA) application
Any removal/deportation order that does not have appeal rights to the Immigration Appeal Division
Rejection of Canadian citizenship application
Revocation of Canadian citizenship
Stay of removal (facing imminent deportation)

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